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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Book to Be Used to Teach Young People Financial Literacy

My novel has been chosen by Dr. Louverta Hurt, retired CPS educator and head of Congressman Danny K Davis' Education Task Force to be used this summer by 25 Upward Bound students (15 is the maximum number in a group) to learn Financial Literacy, Economic Development, Business Creation and Entrepreneurship.  Dr. Hurt is a certified Great Book instructor.   Although my novel isn't a "Great Book", she can opt to pick whatever material she wants to use.  

What is a Great Book?  The Great Books Foundation promotes reading, thinking, and the sharing of ideas for people of all ages. Since 1947, the Foundation has helped millions of people make the reading and discussion of literature a lifelong source of enjoyment, personal growth, and social engagement.

I am going to help work out the lesson plan.   My minor in college was education.   I will keep folks updated as the time approaches and how it goes.